Journey of Change

On the Journey of Change Discussion Site we looks at films, discuss them and examine our beliefs about key issues such as forgiveness, faith and relationships. You watch the film, then answer questions about the film, and then indicate what issue you would like to have a further discussion on at a later date. We believe that through the site you will change for the better, and that the next time you come, you'll bring a friend, and start them on their own Journey of Change!



The scarcity of radical conversions [the Gospel seems to have lost its power], the constant cycle of demonic bondage Christians experience, the seeming powerlessness of the Gospel to dispel demons on its own and the need for extra deliverance exercises, the numbing choices leaders make at the height of their ministry, the incredibly high rate of backsliding, the seeming inability of the majority of Christians to live pure and to avoid worldly temptations – these all point to a missing element in the teaching delivered to the unsaved, to new Christians and to the church generally.

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