The MCW Course

MCW stands for change Me, change my Circle, change the World, an abbreviated form of that simply reads Me Change the World, This course is a guided exposure to the teachings of Jesus Christ, a man who lived in the town of Nazareth, in Palestine, about 2000 years ago. During this course you will come to recognize that the world and its inhabitants were, in fact, created and that its creator actually visited the planet about 2000 years ago, and was in fact this very Jesus of Nazareth. You will come to recognize that this Jesus came to this planet for a specific purpose, and that the purpose was to rescue his creation, namely us. This rescue would be performed by making available for us a spiritual DNA transplant. You will learn in this course that this Jesus was, in fact successful in HIs mission, and that spiritual dna transplant is actually available for us now.

During this course you will learn the value of humility and you will come to recognize that the way to relate to our creator is to agree with His assessment of the state of our spiritual DNA, and indeed to agree with His classification of our spiritual DNA as not fit for purpose, and in fact it is now labelled as Condemned. You will come to recognize that this agreement, this acceptance of HIs verdict on us is one of the key requirements/triggers for us being able to receive the DNA transplant which he provides. It is this DNA transplant that is the basis, the main core of the opportunity this course provides for us to radically change ourselves, and by communicating to others the methods of our change, to see our circle change and by extension, the world. This is a course that will be delivered in segments, and the segments can be delivered either as one-on-one components, or within a small group setting in which the teachings of Jesus Christ will be discussed, and in which there will be an opportunity to have guided conversations with Jesus.

The overall method of change that will be presented begins with the implantation of a new spiritual DNA which provides a potential for change in our reactions to the ups and downs of life, change in our capacity and capabilities so that our potential of reacting and responding to situations matches the life example of Jesus Christ, and in fact gives us the potential of being in this world exactly as He was. The realizing of this potential is by a process of progressive adjustment of our belief system and by a progressive deepening of our relationship with Jesus, through the conversations that will become increasingly more meaningful and central to our lives. This is the change process and because it is ultimately very simple and easily transferable, it is a process that can be expected to deliver recognizable and exciting change in us, but also to be able to see that change reproduced in others in our circle, through the same process being repeated in their lives.

This is the MCW course and you are invited to participate in it. It is completely free of charge, and the reason why a course can be delivered free of charge is because there are no overheads, except, maybe my travel to your resignated place where you would provide the location for the course to operate. I have no overheads because I am not providing the location – you are. Secondly, a condition of participating in the course is that you undertake that when the time comes and you are comfortable with the working of the course in your own life, and you are ready to extend this course to others, that you will also pass it on to them without charge, and on the same basis – that the location for the course is provided by them. This is how we are able to deliver the course without charge. It is without charge, but not without cost, because in fact you would be making a commitment to pass on the course to others if it proves to be successful in your life, and that would involve a commitment of your time in delivering to others what you have freely received. That’s the MCW course, and if this is something you would like to engage in, what you need to do is provide me with your contact information, location and a time when I can reach with you to begin. You can email me at: or call/text/whatsapp at 07737621433.