Mission to City Dwellers

Brand new life, anyone?

Are you searching for a brand new life? A seismic change that would realize your unfulfilled potential? Do you have a sense that opportunities for change have come and gone – that you keep making choices that imprison rather than liberate?

What do you do if your efforts for change just keep making things worse? Would you be able to forgive if you had the opportunity to do so?

Would you be able to receive forgiveness if it was offered? Would you be able to receive a free gift if it came at great cost to the giver?

Opportunities for change come wrapped in challenging packages. Unless we can go on a journey of change that allows us to accept the package that our opportunities come wrapped in, we will keep missing the opportunities those packages contain.Can a film or a discussion provide me with answers, or is art only capable of highlighting questions? What about solutions – even if I get an answer today, what about the other questions I need to face and answers I need to find in order to have a change in my life? Can an artistic experience become an adventure of personal change?

A film or a theatre presentation can highlight issues long buried which we need to face; discussion can help us change our beliefs; this can open the door to new possibilities, new questions, new answers… a journey into personal change which we can opt into, time and time again.

City Fires invites you to experience an event that may lead to an adventure… one that you will undoubtedly want to invite others to experience. You watch a film, you discuss the film, you indicate what issue you would like to have a further discussion on at a later date — that’s it! You will change, and you’ll bring a friend next time!