Journey of Change

On the Journey of Change Discussion Site we looks at films, discuss them and examine our beliefs about key issues such as forgiveness, faith and relationships. You watch the film, then answer questions about the film, and then indicate what issue you would like to have a further discussion on at a later date. We believe that through the site you will change for the better, and that the next time you come, you'll bring a friend, and start them on their own Journey of Change!


Community Action

We provide individual mentoring through experienced 'personal priests'.

Are you searching for a brand new life? A seismic change that would realize your unfulfilled potential? Do you have a sense that opportunities for change have come and gone – that you keep making choices that imprison rather than liberate? What do you do if your efforts for change just keep making things worse? Would you be able to forgive if you had the opportunity to do so? Would you be able to receive forgiveness if it was offered? Would you be able to receive a free gift if it came at great cost to the giver?

City Fires invites you to experience an event that may lead to an adventure… one that you will undoubtedly want to invite others to experience. You watch a film, you discuss the film, you indicate what issue you would like to have a further discussion on at a later date — that’s it! You will change, and you’ll bring a friend next time!

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The MCW Course

MCW stands for change Me, change my Circle, change the World, an abbreviated form of that simply reads Me Change the World, This course is a guided exposure to the teachings of Jesus Christ, a man who lived in the town of Nazareth, in Palestine, about 2000 years ago. During this course you will come to recognize that the world and its inhabitants were, in fact, created and that its creator actually visited the planet about 2000 years ago, and was in fact this very Jesus of Nazareth. You will come to recognize that this Jesus came to this planet for a specific purpose, and that the purpose was to rescue his creation, namely us. This rescue would be performed by making available for us a spiritual DNA transplant. You will learn in this course that this Jesus was, in fact successful in HIs mission, and that spiritual dna transplant is actually available for us now.

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The Big Picture

These words were constantly repeated by God in our prayer meetings during the days of the River church plant in Lancaster. “Don’t forget the big picture”. But what is the big picture?

Well, I knew what the little picture was: it was our little church plant that was like a tiny broken down vehicle in an ecclesiastical cul-de-sac. When our leader left the city and the church plant, I continued to be gripped with a sense that the big picture was something bigger than our ‘local’ church plant – now disbanded. I went to church leaders in Lancaster and let them know that my wife and I wanted to submit to a city eldership.

I suppose their reply was gracious:
They said, “We’re not going to talk to you unless you join one of the local churches.”
We joined Christians Alive, which was a church that was probably closest to my home church in Guyana, but ‘don’t forget the big picture’ was still ringing in my ears.

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The scarcity of radical conversions [the Gospel seems to have lost its power], the constant cycle of demonic bondage Christians experience, the seeming powerlessness of the Gospel to dispel demons on its own and the need for extra deliverance exercises, the numbing choices leaders make at the height of their ministry, the incredibly high rate of backsliding, the seeming inability of the majority of Christians to live pure and to avoid worldly temptations – these all point to a missing element in the teaching delivered to the unsaved, to new Christians and to the church generally.

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